Here Comes Mullet: Gossip Edition








Okay, so the rumors ain’t true. I’m still here. Mike just trimmed my rough edges and now I stand a little taller. He wanted me to look my best going into bowl season. There’s been way too many rumors this week. Mike is stayin’ and so am I. I saw on the twitter that Mike was talkin’ to gross Baylor. THAT AIN’T TRUE! He’s here for us and the guys. Our bowl practices have been spaced out and the guys are stayin’ lose and motivated. We have Colorado in the Alama Bowl, which they haven’t been to a bowl game in probably 10 years. Maybe that’s the reason they left the BigXII? That would make sense. I heard they left about 6 years ago. Their head coach is also named Mike, he’s a hoot.

We have several guys that we got from the San Antonio area which makes this bowl game even more special. We haven’t been to the Alamodome since Colorado left the BigXII. I just laughed at my own joke. I’m fine. Everyone needs to stop asking about Bedlam. It’s over and we’ve moved on. We did everything that we felt comfortable with at the time. Diary, I thought I would just check in with you. We have a few more days to deer hunt before we head to the Alama. I’ll check in soon. Here comes Mullet!

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