Here Comes Mullet: Texas Tech Edition



Saturday, November 12th

6:30 pm 

Stillwater, Oklahoma 

That was a narrow win, Pokes and fellow mullet lovers.

Sitting here after that game and I’m still tryin’ to figure put who sprayed Pam on Jim’s gloves on that overturned touchdown in the first quarter. Investigation is pendin’. It was Senior Day, Diary. It was emotional watchin’ these guys in their last home game. I just met them, but I enjoy watchin’ them play and Mike knows that we’re sendin’ good young men into society. There has been talk at the Gundy Estate about my future. The boys don’t like me and I’m here in spite of them. The 12-year-old is my biggest enemy. I look down on him from many angles. Mike and I have truly connected. I know the fans have come to love me. Maybe I’m the reason for this season. I just know Mike realizes that we are a team. I hope he doesn’t Kevin Durant me. That’s the worst form of betrayal.  

To say that Tech missin’ that PAT saved us, is an understatement. Must be hard not bein’ Ben. It just sucks that Tech kid’s name will be brought up when this game is discussed. Mike isn’t a fan of amateur athletes bein’ overly criticized or blamed for mistakes that result in a loss. I think Tech had somethin’ like 11 guys receivin’. Geez, we used maybe 5.  I still can’t for the life of me figure out why Sinor or Ben aren’t Heisman candidates. Ben reaks records and Zach is consistent game after game. I don’t see Zach puntin’ as much as he did last season, which says a lot about our offensive improvement. Either way, any punter that can consistently pin it within the 10 is pretty special. They’re sleeper candidates for not bein’ candidates, if that makes sense because it does.  

might be beatin’ a dead horse, but Rudolph to Washington is somethin’ special.  Justice continues to impress me and his future is really bright if he keeps up this type of work. It’s a lot different from high school ball he was playin’ last year. We have two more games until we potentially win our BigXII title. I’m just hopin’ I make it through huntin’ season, let alone bowl season. I keep hearin’ that we’re goin’ giggin’ on Saturday. I don’t know what that is, I just hope it doesn’t distract us from TCU. 

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