Here Comes Mullet: Cyclone Meltdown Edition


Weekly Oklahoma State Football series featuring Mike Gundy’s prize winning mullet and it’s side of the game day story!







10:00 am

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Another beautiful game day at home, Diary. I’m kinda all over the place right now. The further I get into the season, the grayer things seem to get. I’m so tired I can barely stand. We’re all tired. Iowa State isn’t anythin’ to be ignored this season. It’s like they’re tryin’ to prove that they’re still better than Kansas. They almost beat Baylor, but we kinda also almost beat Baylor. Almost ain’t a thing. This ain’t soccer.

I know this game won’t be easy because of the improvements Iowa State’s makin’ as a program. We have a lot of injuries to worry about and a bye week cannot come sooner. We have to get goin’, Diary. Pete is feelin’ like Pecos Bill this mornin’! There’s a Cyclone sweepin’ down our plains, and we have to lasso it. I’m a mullet. I don’t have opposable thumbs. Y’all are gonna have to help.

7:00 pm

Stillwater, Oklahoma

I wasn’t worried.

I swear I wasn’t.

Okay, fine. Yes, I was as worried as a mullet could be.

They had us figured out for the first half. Our offense didn’t have the possession time that we’ve been accustomed to, in fact we were on the lower end of possession time. We came out unscathed on turnovers and interceptions. Our defense was flustered for a bit, but they found a way to keep us alive in the second half. There was a huge momentum swing towards the end of the third, I think I felt a whoosh.

Special teams came up huge as always. Washington really brought everything home for us. I don’t have much to say tonight other than that our guys have worked so hard this season. We finally get our week of rest. Our guys really deserve it. I need to relax, get a nice mullet rubdown, have a cigar , maybe a conditioning treatment from the Mrs. (if I’m lucky) and then we’ll be ready to face the mighty Jayhawks.

See you on Mass, Diary.


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