College Football Preseason Rankings–Top 25


31 days until the best Saturday of the year arrives…so close I can almost taste the first beer of the day. Now that shit is finally getting real, it’s time to look into way too early preseason rankings to see where the Big Ten lands.

  1. Alabama – Eye roll tide
  2. Clemson – Anyone but Bama
  3. Michigan – Ah, we come to a Big Ten team in the top 5 that isn’t Ohio State. Michigan has lofty hopes and dreams this year. After a glance at a schedule that includes Hawaii, UCF and Colorado to start out… well, Michigan might stay in the top 5 for a few weeks. 
  4. Oklahoma – Dominated the Big 12 last year, so they have a legit place in the top
  5. Florida State – Gag me with 10,000 spoons, literally my most hated team
  6. LSU – Anyone but Bama
  7. Ohio State – Considering the absurd arsenal of players Urban Meyer seems to pull out of nowhere, I have no doubt the Buckeyes will do well. So they lost a million players to the draft…it’s OSU and they never seem to have a “rebuilding” year like the rest of us. Still, marking my calendar for November 5 when the Huskers travel to Columbus…
  8. Tennessee – Anyone but Bama
  9. Notre Dame – Unless they start off their year with a loss at Texas…
  10. Stanford – Tree mascot sighting!
  11. Ole Miss – Anyone but Bama
  12. USC – Top 15, really? ok.
  13. Houston – High five, Houston!
  14. Michigan State – Thought we’d never see another Big Ten team on the list! Squeaking in to the top 15 is MSU. 
  15. Baylor – No comment
  16. Georgia – Anyone but Bama
  17. Oklahoma State – How old is Mike Gundy now?
  18. Oregon – September 17 may bring a ranked team into Memorial Stadium – mark your calendars!
  19. TCU – Can they finally get it done
  20. Washington – Oh hey, Huskies…is this your year to make yourselves?
  21. Iowa – Is Iowa really this low on the list? I’m sorry, does going 8-0 in regular conference play mean nothing? Oh yeah, it doesn’t. Iowa has a lot to prove, which perhaps explains the low rank. 
  22. UCLA – Eh. Ok
  23. Louisville – Might continue to ride last season’s end of the schedule high
  24. Miami – Unrealistically optimistic? #rebuildingyear
  25. North Carolina – Maybe it’s your year, Tarheels. It’s what I tell myself every season.

To recap, the Big Ten has 4 teams in the top 25. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Nebraska start off the season super strong with wins against Fresno State, Wyoming, Oregon and Northwestern? And then sneak into the top 25? And then keep winning? September 3rd can’t come soon enough.



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