College Football Update: Getting Real Serious








Some people just want to watch the world burn, which is why the college football world was turned upside (for some) over the weekend.

As a proud Kansas State Wildcat, my weekend was fine since we had a weekend off for our mental health. As a fan of chaos, this weekend delivered plenty of upsets that filled our hearts with joy.

The only teams in the Top 25 without a loss? Alabama and Western Michigan

While the rest of the country is balls deep in heavy conference schedules, Alabama will be facing the mighty Chattanooga Mocs. Yes, Alabama schedules cupcakes this time of the year because it helps them stay at the top. This isn’t uncommon in the SEC so no harsh feelings over this concept. The Big 12 gets to play KU and the SEC schedules cupcakes, life will go on. Meanwhile, Western Michigan faces Buffalo to round out the weekend before a much needed Thanksgiving break.

Ohio State, Michigan, Louisville and Clemson all have one major loss on their record

Ohio State’s came from Penn State. Michigan’s came from Iowa. Louisville’s came from Clemson and Clemson’s came from Pitt. Out of all of those losses, Louisville’s is the strongest loss of all. What does this mean? They are still stuck behind Ohio State for some unknown reason. Ohio State is incredibly dominant, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. It is a known fact that Urban Meyer (and Nick Saban) has sold his soul to the devil just to win football games, which is what you have to do as HBIC at Ohio State. I’m gunning for a Louisville/Alabama championship game, so here’s hoping.

The College Football Playoff doesn’t know what they are doing still

It’s okay, we are aware that the initial rankings were garbage simply because they had Texas A&M in the top four and now the Aggies are scraping the bottom of the Top 25. Yes, a team that had a loss was over the undefeated (at the time) Washington team. That is how you know the Aggies have an in with the illuminati. Just a fact, people. What this CFB Playoff needs? An eight team playoff, not just four. Let’s face it, we live in a world of needing more football to distract from the dumpster fire that is our political culture right now. If we could just have MOAR football we would not have so many riots and shit. This is just another hard hitting fact. People would be so excited about more playoff games they would not be able to care about anything else. (GAT 4 PREZ 2024) Fix the system, make the CFB Playoff great for once.


I spend the majority of the football off season complaining about it not being football season. This is not something I will be working on changing, I will continue to complain. College football is something that you can love as a whole without having a team in the race. As a Kansas State fan, I know we are never going to win a National Championship. I am aware of the toll this takes on my positive outlook, it’s okay. With only a few weeks left, I encourage everyone to embrace and enjoy this journey as we will be without football soon and that will be depressing.

Stay tuned for the CFB Playoff Rankings coming out, it’s about to get real.

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