Choosing a Sportsbook

The three little words we’ve all been waiting for: it’s football season!

Not only did this year feel like the longest off-season yet, but we aren’t even out of training camp yet and there is so much turmoil going on in the NFL already! With the changes at quarterback across the league, the intense battle to make the starting lineup amongst players and the overall excitement about the season starting… you could say we are all a little worked up about the return of football. With the return of football comes some more aspects to the game, off the field that is.

We are no strangers to sports betting and actually love making picks and seeing our readers thriving with them. However, finding an online sportsbook that you can trust and rely on is a major part of preparing for football season. We are always looking for great sites to use for sportsbooks and luckily have found a few.

Select a sportsbook from this list and you will not be disappointed! With some of our favorite sportsbooks rated by editors and readers, you will get a balanced opinion of the ease of use, payout information and more. So if you’re into having fun, making money and having an apprehensive look at the world of sports betting, look no further than the link above to provide you with everything you need to get started. Besides, the Chiefs are 25/1 favorites to win the Super Bowl… get in on that today!