Domestic Violence: Pick a side, stick to it.

Male, female and everywhere in between… domestic violence doesn’t discriminate who it affects, or the people that abuse others. In the last decade, I’ve seen athletes abuse their status and walk away without conviction of some incredibly chilling cases of domestic violence. Where do you draw the line? When do you finally hold someone accountable for […]

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Wednesdays With Wiemers

It’s Wednesday! AKA Hump Day. Does anyone else hate it when people call it Hump Day? It’s literally the worst. While I don’t have much respect for this annoying middle-of-the-road work day, I at least refuse to call it hump day. Except for today…but this is the last time! Today there is not much going […]

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Seven Funeral Marches for Kansas State Basketball

While the Kansas State Wildcats rose to 7th place with a conference win over Oklahoma State this past Saturday, the battle for a spot in the tournament is looking about as bleak as it gets. To cope with this team not going to the NCAA tournament (AGAIN) here are some terrifying, yet upbeat songs that […]

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