Soccer Basics: Introduction to Standings and MLS

  “This is what the greatest thing about sports is. You play to win the game!”–Herm Edwards. While Herm was talking about playing your best no matter what, this quote highlights one of the drastic differences between soccer and other sports-in soccer, sometimes you neither win nor lose. Sometimes, you just gotta play for a tie. […]

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Soccer Basics: Soccer General Rules with Mindiana Jones

If you read my last column, you’re now up to speed on the positions available to a soccer player. If not, read it here! This week, let’s explore some of the soccer general rules to this beautiful sport. Two Halves Make a Whole Game format consists of two 45-minute halves, with a 15-minute halftime in between. […]

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First Pets of KC

  Here at Mindiana Jones Investigates, I have some exciting (and actually investigative!) content to share with you all come spring. However, with this lull in sports-related activities in Kansas City, I pondered what would I want to see to get me through this hard time of year? ANIMALS, DUH. After all, Megan’s article instantly put a […]

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Valentine’s Day Cards: Sprots Edition

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day from everyone here at Sprots Takes! To celebrate, I’ve whipped up some hilarious sports themed Valentine’s Day cards. Feel free to give them to your significant other or crush, though I claim no responsibility if things turn sour. Enjoy!         Questions? Comments? Leave one below or stalk Mindy: @sprotstakes  or @mindiana_jones Like […]

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#40: Fantasy Football, Mindiana Joins Us!

Our favorite investigative journalist, Mindy, joins us to talk all things Sporting KC, why people hate on Kacie McDonnell so much and the K-State debacle.   We promise we are done talking about it after today! Who’s ready for the NFL to start back up tonight?                

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