Here Comes Mullet: Bedlam Edition

Time is lost  I am nowhere    I don’t know how to feel, Diary. OU is not my BigXII champion. It started as bad as it ended. It was rainin’ like you wouldn’t believe. We held on for the first half but then we kind of just fell apart. I don’t know. Mason was not as majestic as he normally is. Receivers were dropping open and crucial […]

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Sooners Scoop: Still Undefeated

Y’all! Oklahoma is still undefeated in the Big 12! With hopes and dreams of having College Game Day in Norman this upcoming Saturday, Baylor ruined that by losing to Texas and then being stomped on by TCU. But this isn’t about their team of predators, or conniving coach or their students small, brainwashed minds. Instead, this […]

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