Mindiana Jones Investigates: Hockey in Kansas City

While in Vancouver over Spring Break, I had the opportunity to go to a Vancouver Canucks/Dallas Stars game. Hockey? In…

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Mindiana Jones Investigates: First NHL Game

Like many sports fanatics, numerous items on my bucket list are dedicated to sporting events. One of the items on this list…

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Meet Ellen!

  MFCEO’s Note: Meet our latest addition to the Sprots Takes writing staff… Ellen Kyriakos! Not only is she joining…

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SprotsGloss: Shot On Goal

The NHL is in the semi-final rounds of the 2016 playoffs! As the Penguins battle the Lightning and the Sharks…

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SprotsGloss: Ace (In ALL of the Sprots)

An ace by definition is a playing card with a single spot on it, ranked as the highest card in…

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1: Ducks vs Predators

The Anaheim Ducks are the new Phoenixes:  In a literal rise from the ashes, the Anaheim Ducks went from dead…

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No NHL Team? Here’s your guide!

Kansas City doesn’t have a hockey team, yet here were are in the midst of NHL playoffs. With the current…

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SPROTS TO SF: We Survived.

Friday morning was a struggle of champions. Since I had not slept the night before, getting up to go to…

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