17 Signs You’re Suffering from Football Withdrawals

The first weekend without football since last August has come and long gone. I don’t know about y’all, but I hated it. Football withdrawals are real, fam. If you’re like me, you likely experienced similar symptoms. Join me in rehashing our current state of miserable football-free affairs. You forgot to buy weekend beer. Nothing more […]

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Mindiana Jones Investigates: Missed Connections

          It’s been a rough couple of weeks, KC. We all could use some laughs, therefore, I’ve decided to revive Mindiana Jones Investigates: KC Missed Connections! Missed Connections is a sad, sad section of Craigslist where users can leave messages about someone they creeped on in the hopes that their special […]

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Tom Brady is Better at Social Media than You

Last Saturday Tom Brady and his Patriots won their playoff game against the Texans. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary there. Did Brady struggle a bit? Sure. Did the Patriots look beatable? Absolutely. What stood out to me more than anything afterwards was Tom Brady’s zero-shame Facebook post. As much as I dislike Tom, I have […]

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The Kansas City Chiefs: Better Than the Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs are determined to give their fans a heart attack each week, and it is getting out of control. Will Clark Hunt pay for medical bills when half of the #ChiefsKingdom needs life support week after week? Why are people so sold on the Oakland Raiders being Super Bowl contenders? Has everyone […]

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