Season Preview From Someone Who Didn’t Pay Attention All Summer

Days since I have given Nebraska football much thought: 241. No real excuse. Just wasn’t into recruiting and empty speculation. But like it or not, 241 days have passed since I watched Nebraska lose to Tennessee and the season opener is upon us. Here’s my season preview based on no research whatsoever. Arkansas State: going […]

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Sometimes it Really is “Just a Game”

Accountable – (of a person, organization, or institution) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible. The definition of accountability is simple, yet it trips up many of us. Every day. However, most of us don’t have a spotlight shining on our biggest decisions; a spotlight that’s going to show everything – the good, […]

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Goodbye, Nebraska Football – My letter to Mike Riley

Dear Mike Riley Congrats on the much-improved season. Going into it expectations were all over the map. I was optimistic given some stellar seniors on the squad (Armstrong/Westerkamp/Gerry). 9-4 isn’t terrible. Seeing my team ranked in the top 25  and then the top 10, well, it felt good. You also handled the loss of Sam […]

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Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, Please Let the Huskers Win Their Bowl Game. Amen.

Ah, 2016. A year of renewed hope and progress, of forgiveness and fresh starts. Let us all look back on this year in fondness………..NOT! What a bullshit year this was. With so many distractions and a series of unfortunate events that started in January and has yet to end, I can totally understand if it’s […]

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Nebraska’s in the Music Shitty Bowl, Woooooohoooo

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE FEATURES THE WORD ‘SHIT’ NO LESS THAN 20 SHITTY TIMES Nebraska is headed to the Music Shitty Bowl. If I wasn’t still so disappointed after the shitty Iowa game, perhaps I could find some optimism for this game. Instead, I am a bitter bitch. I learned which lackluster, oops, my apologies, which SHITTY […]

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Nebraska Fans: 10 Ways to Survive this Holiday Husker/Hawkeye Weekend

        This week proves to be one of the longest and most stressful weeks of the year. There’s Thanksgiving. And Black Friday. There’s driving long distances to see people you may or may not even like. And there’s cooking. There’s overeating. There’s wine and hangovers. Then, when it’s all over, it doesn’t even […]

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