Royals, This Is Not The Time Nor The Place–Drop Vitae

People of all ages, races, genders, orientations, political affiliations, religious backgrounds, incomes, shapes and sizes unite as one and enjoy a game at the ballpark together. There is nothing quite as American as having tens of thousands of people joining together to cheer on their beloved Kansas City Royals. No stress. No agendas. No politics. […]

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Mindiana Jones Investigates: 8 Royals Items to Buy Before Opening Day

Though it’s March, the weather in Kansas City has tricked my mind into thinking I’ll hear Denny Matthew’s voice calling the Royals when I turn on the radio. While we’re not quite to Opening Day yet, let’s celebrate the start of Spring Training by checking out some Royals items we HAVE to get before the 2017 season […]

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PECOTA, It’s Friday and You’re Still Wrong.

The PECOTA rankings were sprung upon anxious baseball fans on Monday. No shocker, PECOTA still despises the Royals. Which is a little funny, since PECOTA is just a computer algorithm predicting the outcome of the upcoming season and cannot possibly have any feelings. But, THIS COMPUTER DOES. It has angry fire emoji feelings about the […]

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