The Art of Destruction: The Bruce Weber Story

I’m an upset K-State basketball fan. Over the past couple of years, the purple nation has watched the slow and painful dumpster fire destruction of our beloved men’s basketball team at the hands of Coach Weber. Now, many may speculate that over the years there has been a lack of talent or an incredibly tough […]

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Win or Lose, K-State Fans Always Booze

  K-State Men’s Basketball has definitely had an interesting season so far.  With the potential of making the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, it makes the season all the more stressful. Every K-State fan knows that many games are best survived when large amounts of alcohol are consumed. With six games left in the regular season, […]

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Sprots Takes Roundup!

ICYMI: We did a quick recap of Game 1 and GAT threw in a prediction about tonight’s Game 2 in Cleveland:   Check out our Game 1 recap & prediction for tonight over on @bumpersfm — Sprots Takes (@SPROTSTAKES) October 26, 2016 GAT was on Bring On The Cats for her weekly Facebook Live […]

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