Kansas Football Preview Week 7

Let me preface this Kansas football game preview by saying this: No one likes Baylor. I can say that with complete confidence. (See: sexual assault scandal.) Now, KU football travels to Waco for Baylor’s homecoming game on Saturday. It’s in everyone’s best interest to root for the underdog this wee k. (And if you followed along […]

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Kansas Football Drinking Game

Last week, as I watched the Kansas football game on a — shocker — Thursday night, I started to question the team’s ability to do simple things. Oh, you know, like convert on a third down or complete a pass. From what I saw, the answer was no. And with Kansas playing a tough offensive […]

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A Ranking of Kansas Hoops Wins

Basketball season in Lawrence has officially begun. Late Night was last weekend, which means Kansas fans couldn’t care less about college football. The phrase, “Wait ‘til basketball season,” is almost relevant. If you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming about the start of November since March — this is not an exaggeration. But, with a month […]

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Late Night Preview

  Guys! It’s that time of year again: BASKETBALL IS BACK IN LAWRENCE. We can finally stop crying about football season and focus on the better things in life. (I mean, that game last night, WOW.) If you didn’t already know that Late Night in the Phog takes place Saturday night, you’ve been living under a […]

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What’s the Problem with Kansas Football?

The University of Kansas football team secured their first win, in almost two seasons, in the team’s home opener a few weeks ago. Now, as Kansas heads into the bye week, they sit at a 1-2 record. Rhode Island was never supposed to beat Kansas. Kansas maybe had a shot at beating Ohio. Memphis was […]

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History of Kansas Basketball

As I sat around to brainstorm this week’s basketball post, I struggled to think of an interesting topic. I had drafted a piece about Thomas Robinson — one of my all-time favorite players at the University of Kansas. Quickly, it was deemed it garbage. I considered talking about recruits. I thought about ranking Fake Jeff […]

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