Galentine’s Badass Babes: Amie Walter

Amie Walter has been a badass babe since was young and wanted to be a trash collector! Now, Amie is an incredibly strong, dedicated employee with The American Cancer Society. Sprots Takes, as you know from our 2017 calendar, is very invested in supporting women in our community that are fighting and have fought against cancer. […]

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Galentine’s Badass Babes: Tayanna Harris

Tayanna Harris is a local Kansas City photographer, specializing in weddings and boudoir sessions. She reminds me of Leslie Knope, from Parks and Recreation. Tay doesn’t do anything half assed. She’s passionate and cares deeply for the work she does, the subjects she photographs, and the causes close to her heart. Be sure to check […]

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Galentine’s Badass Babes: Isabel Crain

Happy Galentine’s Day! If you listened to last week’s podcast (if you didn’t, why not? Catch up on our app. It’s free!) then you already have a heads up about this Badass Babe. Isabel Crain is the next generation of Babes. She’s a freshman at Pitt, and y’all, she’s amazing. She’s a dedicated member of marching […]

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