Sprots Takes Announcement: 2017 Calendar Partner

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The women of Sprots Takes are proudly announcing a partnership with the First Bra Foundation for the 2017 Sprots Takes calendar. As the only all female sports blog and radio show in Kansas City, Sprots Takes is all about giving back to causes close to our hearts. All of us have endured the pain of a loved one going through the ultimate battle of mental determination, physical willpower and emotional strength against one of the toughest opponents of all… Cancer.

As a website that gives women a voice in an industry that is male dominated, we pride ourselves on giving back to the women in our community. We’ve had individual fundraisers for local women fighting cancer as well as the 2016 Sprots Takes calendar project for Rose Brooks Center. This year we wanted to give back to the courageous women that survived breast cancer and are beginning the process of renewing their life, and First Bra does just that.

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Proceeds from the calendar benefit First Bra Foundation and help make a stressful event post-treatment into a comforting and supportive process for each woman. We will be announcing the details of a calendar launch party once we have the details finalized, it will be a great one so you don’t want to miss it!

Also, stay tuned for our behind the scenes of the photo shoots featuring our Sprots Takes writers each month of the year in collaboration with our sponsors for this year’s production! Not only will we be featuring some great brands you are all familiar with, we will be showcasing some up and coming businesses around the Kansas City area that we are excited to work with for the calendar! Be sure to follow us on all of the below social media to keep up with us.

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Interested in being part of the calendar? We have limited advertising space available so contact us today!




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