The Royals took on the Twins last night and reassured us the energy and passion behind the team is not dying down anytime soon. Our friend Cody Farmer made one of the greatest videos of all time. Who would have thought the seasonally disappointing Royals would have this kind of life and fire behind them in APRIL?! Watch the video below:

How this isn’t played on the K every single game following the National Anthem is beyond me.

This very video inspired the shirt we designed that is available in our store:


Come to Zubazpalooza at the K and tailgate with us! If you are wearing this shirt we will have a championship belt for you to pose with as well!

Zubazpalooza Info: CLICK HERE


What do you think of this Royals team? Do you love the raw emotion and “bad boy” reputation?


Let us know!



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