Blue October: Enjoy It, Royals Fans

What exactly could I mean by saying “enjoy the offseason” to a bunch of Royals fans that have known nothing but excitement in October for the last two years? Well, that is just what I mean. Between the hustle and bustle of postseason baseball, I found myself overwhelmed in the best possible way with Royals baseball. The money spent, the time invested and the emotions running high… they just couldn’t get it done in 2014.

Now we have experienced the Royals magic that happens in October. We have taken the crown and we have brought a championship back to Kansas City. This is what it’s like to have a World Series hangover. Even better? I’m totally okay with it. Our team needs rest from back to back World Series appearances and in turn, we need to give our wallets and livers a damn break.

Get outside.

Enjoy a walk without worrying if your team is going to survive and advance. Breathing in fresh air is good for you and so is taking a break from staring at your phone. Just make sure your walk gets back in time to not miss the football game.

Invest in something.

Invest in the stock market. Don’t buy Twitter stock. Invest in yourself. Lift some weights and get that pre-postseason body back! Invest in your sadness. Start painting whenever you feel emotional about your team not being in the playoffs this year.

Stop caring about anything.


This is a good way to avoid being upset about the Royals not making the playoffs this year! Also a great way to lose connection with everyone around you at the same time!


Remember, there is always the chance the Chiefs go to the playoffs and ahhashahdsaidjasihahahahahaha. Sorry, I tried.

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