A Big 12 Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I have spent hours creating the perfect valentine for you to share with the one you love or just yourself. Either way, this Big 12 valentines are sure to get you that date you’ve always wanted… not making any promises, though. Sometimes your personality is repulsive enough that no one loves you, and that is okay too! Without further anticipation, here are some great valentines from the basketball coaches of the Big 12. Some are from the coaches perspective, some are just facts. Like did you know Texas lost to Kansas in football? Yikes.

Bill Self remains the smoothest of smooth Big 12 valentines.

It’s still too soon to talk about what happened to Huggins last night.

Highly inappropriate, but you definitely laughed.

I’d feel bad for Bruce Weber if he wasn’t Bruce Weber.

Jamie Dixon is neutral like the Swiss.


Never forget.

This is true.

I just imagine all Texas Tech fans drink like fish.

Hope y’all enjoyed these! We left Baylor out of the mix because they don’t even deserve to be in the conference… let alone a Valentine’s Day post.