Beat Stanford–K-State Football Coverage with Dara!

Dara AviWow! I can’t believe it’s already game week. My anticipation for the start of this season has slowly been killing me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love baseball (GO ROYALS), but my love for football is like the love some have for their pets.

This season, I will be covering K-State football for Sprots Takes. With that, I’m going to give you a little background on why I love K-State so much.

It all started during my junior year of high school. I moved to Kansas but never really knew much about Kansas schools. I went on a visit to K-State and from that day forward, I became a Wildcat.

Attending K-State was the best experience of my life. There’s no feeling more powerful than walking into a packed parking lot, filled with your entire K-State family at the Bill on a Saturday afternoon. Hearing Crazytrain blasting through the speakers gives me chills. There’s so much tradition, from the clanking of keys at the start of a game to singing the Alma Mater song at the end of the game. I think I only knew “Hail, Hail, Hail, Alma Mater” for the first 4 years I sang it.

There was always a chance I stood behind someone wearing the shirt with the words on the back of it and then, of course, I belted out the entire song. The Sandstorm in Bramlage during a close game is an experience that is hard to top. Just imagine a roaring crowd of thousands of students, jumping up and down, screaming “KSU, KSU, KSU” as they pound their fists in the air. It’s awesome!

Season Predictions:

Stanford: L, 35-28

FAU: W, 56-7

Missouri State: W, 52-3

West Virginia: W, 45-42

Texas Tech: W, 17-14

Oklahoma: L, 52-45

Texas: W. 42-17

Iowa State: W, 31-21

Oklahoma State: W, 33-30

Baylor: W, 23-17

Kansas: W, 56-14

TCU: L, 35-27

 Record: 9-3

Yes, I picked K-State to lose to Stanford on Friday. Obviously, I hope I’m wrong. I believe K-State can win, it’s just going to take something special.

I will leave you with my favorite motivational K-State song. Anything can happen this season. I believe  this team really has a chance to do something special.


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