Baylor Week


Everyone remembers the dreaded night of November 17, 2012. You probably remember when you were, who you were with and how many words you spoke. The answer to that is probably none. I know I was in shock and probably was for at least a week after. I wrote a post about the five stages of grieving and it helped a little bit. That was just as bad as my memories of December 5, 1998. I was obviously a lot younger but the memories of St. Louis and his knee being down will always be etched in my memory.


This Baylor Bears team is very similar to the one in 2012. Baylor has had twenty one drives in one minute or less and thirty seven drives in two minutes or less. Both of these statistics lead the FBS. Baylor comes in with the nation’s top ranked offense. Mainly because of Bryce Petty, who suffered a concussion last week but is expected to play. Not only must they contain Petty but they must also stop their running game. Even though Baylor’s run game has been very good lately the Wildcats have the tools to stop them. Just look at what the defense did against West Virginia and Shock Linwood.

Kansas State has been known to win games when we start off hot. When we are slow out of the gate we tend to get behind and not come back. With this Baylor team that is not an option. Both teams have a lot on this game so I think whichever team scores first will win it. The Wildcats have a chance to share the Big 12 title and hopefully have a birth to the Cotton or Fiesta Bowl. The Bears have a lot to play for. If a few teams above them lost this weekend they can get into the College Playoffs. So I know if they are winning they will try everything to run up the score on the Cats. Let’s hope the Defense looks good and Waters gets off to a hot start.


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