Baseball’s Other Trout: Salty Mixed Bag


Megan Avi HeaderMy theory is if I can’t stay up late enough to watch the Royals lose, it didn’t actually happen.

If, however, Royals baseball did actually happen over the last three days, it is NOT Omar Infante’s fault and I’ll fight you until the end of time about that. Or, you could just listen to all of my incredibly brilliant points brought up on the Sprots Takes radio show yesterday.

We ran a Twitter poll asking fans what they value most on a baseball team between offense, defense, pitching, and veterans. Pitching ran away with the vote, taking 65%. This poll was a thinly veiled trap that you all fell for, thank you. Since you all value pitching so much, why aren’t any of you blaming pitchers for the abysmal baseball the Royals have been playing? You’re going to pin an entire game on one or two defensive blunders and disregard the fact that Volquez gave up a homerun to JOHNNY GIAVOTELLA!? Or that Soria has allowed 8 runs in 10 innings pitched. But sure, Omar booted a ball so he should be sent to an early retirement.

So, moving on like the last three days didn’t occur, the Royals have an off day today in preparation for a weekend series with the Seattle Mariners. Here are some alternative options for baseball fans to do tonight if you don’t think the NFL draft is Christmas part deux like everyone else.

  1. Watch OTHER baseball teams. Division rivals, the Chicago White Sox, play tonight at 6 vs the Orioles. Or you could expand your National League horizons and catch the Nationals playing the Phillies for a late afternoon game at 3. When your friends ask you can say you’re scouting the Nats since we face off against them next week. Nobody needs to know you have a crush on Jason Werth.
  2. Play MLB The Show. Why wouldn’t simulating a Royals game be your chosen alternative to having real Royals to watch? Or you could create your own future stud in Road to the Show and cross your fingers that he gets drafted by the good guys.
  3. Go outside and play catch. It’s going to be a beautiful, sunny evening.
  4. Watch a baseball classic. My personal favorites are Field of Dreams, Major League, Summer Catch, Moneyball, Fever Pitch, or Angels in the Outfield (too soon?). Or get into a baseball themed TV show like My Boys or Eastbound & Down.

On Friday, real live baseball is back (albeit late at night—the poor children). Kris Medlen will be toeing the slab vs Felix Hernandez who happens to be one of the very best pitchers in all of baseball, no pressure. Alcides Escobar, Mike Moustakas, and Alex Gordon have seen some success against Hernandez, but King Felix hasn’t given up a homerun to a single Royal in the last 5 years. The Roys will need to rely on small ball, a game they really haven’t been playing as of late, in order to peck away at the Mariners. The Mariners themselves have not seen much of Kris Medlen, which will work marginally in our favor, however, Seattle has been seeing a lot of balls flying over the outfield walls as they have hit 12 home runs in the last 7 days. At the very least, Royals fans will get to be temporarily reunited with Nori Aoki.

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