2016 Baseball Awards Predictions

With the election finally over, we can focus on what’s really important: Sports. More specifically: baseball.  What, did you think that just because the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series we would all move on?  Not this girl; there’s still plenty to talk about. So far, we’ve seen great talents win the Golden Gloves, congrats to those guys☺  Let’s dig a little more into what the rest of the 2016 awards season has to offer us.


National League nominees are Kris Bryant, Daniel Murphy and Corey Seager.  I’m sure most of you would guess I would pick Kris to take this one home, but not this year (still love you KB).  I’m going with Nationals second baseman, Daniel Murphy, to win this year’s MVP prize.  Not only did he have a career high of 25 homeruns, but had a postseason BA of .438!!  That’s not including his regular season BA .347. Murphy’s average was good for 2nd best in the National League.  Did I mention his OPS of .985 which was 1st in the NL? Despite the Nats falling short of the NLCS, Daniel Murphy was consistently great all season and postseason.  

American League nominees are Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts, and Mike Trout.  My prediction is Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox.  While he didn’t exactly shine bright during the postseason, this center fielder had quite the regular season with .318 BA, 31 homeruns, .897 OPS. He led the majors with 359 total base and 67 multi-hit games!  No question as to why he was voted an All-Star and I can guarantee there is so much more to see from Betts.

Cy Young Award

This is probably my favorite award because of how crucial pitching is to this beautiful game.  

National League Nominees:  Kyle Hendricks, Jon Lester, and Max Scherzer.  I’m placing my bet on our Chicago Cubs champ, Jon Lester.  Lester had a career high year, being the best in ERA at 2.44 and wins at 19.  Let’s not forget to mention his record breaking 8 straight starts that he allowed zero or one hits.  He was a crucial to piece to the Cubs team this year, though he may not have had the best record in the league, he did lead his team to World Series victory.

American League Nominees are: Rick Porcello, Corey Kluber, and Justin Verlander.  As much as I admire Porcello’s season and can’t deny Verlander’s talent on the mound, I am sticking with Corey Kluber.  While I know this award is more about the regular season, and let’s face it, he did not have the best start, I can’t ignore all of the facts.  This man finished in the top 5 of more than one category in the AL.  Starting with ERA 3.14, 4thplace.  227 strike outs, 5th place.  And WHIP 1.05, 4th place. I can’t walk away without mentioning the killer game 1 of the World Series from this guy; he struck out 9 in 6 scoreless innings.  At the end of game 1, he had 0.74 ERA and a 0.99 WHIP.  Dude is good.

Manager of the Year

And the Winner is NED YOST of the KC Royals ☺ just because he’s not nominated doesn’t mean I can’t vote for him, I think we proved that on election night.

All jokes aside, the National  League nominees are Dusty Baker, Joe Maddon, and Dave Roberts.  I’m choosing Dave Roberts.  Call me crazy but this was his first year managing the LA Dodgers and they made it all the way to post season, with 91 wins, impressive.  He was able to stay calm and cool during high pressure situations, knowing when to make changes, made more pitching changes than other manager in baseball.  What’s a little more impressive, this team was able to reach a season 91 wins despite Clayton Kershaw being out quite a bit of the season.  Again, this was his first year with this team.

American League Coach of the Year Nominees: Jeff Banister, Terry Francona, and Buck Showalter.  Easy decision: Terry Francona.  This isn’t because the Indians ended up in the World Series, well not just because, but he has built a great team.  The chemistry from the 2016 Indians seemed a lot more in tune and worked better than the 2015 Indians.  Their 14 game winning streak  in June is just one of the many examples  of the drive these guys have together.   

At the end of the day, may the best player, and manager win.  These guys are all nominees for a reason and they are huge part of what makes baseball more fun to watch.  What’s even more exciting is that we’re not done seeing any of these guys.  Spring Training is literally right around the corner.  Some say, baseball is the sport that never ends. Thank God it doesn’t ☺


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