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Some people consult Yelp when looking for a new spot for brunch or happy hour. I like my recommendations more locally source. Enter Eat it Kansas City, the food blog created by KC’s own Shanley Cox. Not only is her site beautiful, it’s filled with great reviews and recipes.
She’s an obvious Badass Babe fit. She knows this town, inside and out. She’s passionate about what she does and sharing that passion with others. She’s clever and kind.
I knew the blog before I knew Shanley. When I met her in person, it all came together. Her sense of humor and enthusiasm for food shine through her words and pictures, and are even better in person. This girl always has an amazing, and often hilarious, story to share in addition to can’t-be-missed restaurant recommendations.

EK: Your blog, Eat it Kansas City, always makes me hungry every time I look at it! What’s your favorite part about being a food blogger?
SC: When readers tell me they tried a new restaurant based on my recommendation, that brings me the most joy. I’m a big advocate for eating local, and supporting local brands and businesses, so when people choose a local restaurant over a chain, I do a little happy dance knowing I had some small part in that decision.
EK: In addition to some killer local reviews, you also include recipes on your site. What’s the best thing you’ve ever made in your own kitchen? Any recipe disasters?
SC:  Strangely enough, it was one of the first recipes I ever created for my blog, Sweet Potato and Quinoa Tacos with Pomegranate Avocado Salsa. I rarely eat or make vegetarian dishes, so this was out of my comfort zone. But, damn, it was delicious. Think crunchy, spicy, sweet, savory and colorful – all the best stuff. On the other hand, I’ve created some disasters. Like pepita brittle. It was one of those crying-in-my-kitchen-calling-my-mom moments. I just couldn’t get it right. First, it was too chewy, then it was burnt to a crisp. It took about eight tries, but I eventually got it right. Bottom line: I’m never making brittle again.
EK: There have been a ton of amazing new restaurants opening in Kansas City lately. Any particular stand-outs?
SC:   Crossroads is producing some terrific new food and drink spots. Howard’s Grocery & Cafe, BLVD Tavern and Tom’s Town are some of my latest favorites.
EK: How do you think the restaurant scene has evolved in KC since you’ve started Eat it KC?
SC:  I started my blog four years ago and the local food and drink scene has changed drastically. First, local liquor is making a comeback. Hello, J.Rieger, Tom’s Town, and Wicket & Peg (just to name a few). Second, local craft beer is better than ever. Case in point: Torn Label, Double Shift, Crane Brewing Co., Cinder Block…the list goes on. And Kansas City has proven itself as a food destination, and not just for barbecue. Our chefs win national awards. And our dishes are nationally recognized for their creativity, taste and innovation.    

EK: What do you feel is missing in the KC food scene?
SC: I was just thinking the other day that Kansas City doesn’t have a good, local bagel spot. And then I heard Meshuggah Bagels is opening on 39th St. in mid-March. My prayers were answered!
EK: If you had to create a cocktail inspired by KC, what would be in it and what would you call it?
SC: There would be gin, grapefruit and champagne. I don’t know if that’s even good together…but I’ll try it tonight and let you know. Let’s call it Gin & Brut.
EK: Settle the debate once and for all… Where can you grab the best barbecue in KC?
SC: Don’t do this to me, Emily! There are many barbecue spots that hold a special place in my heart. Joe’s KC is my go-to for burnt ends. Q39 for pulled pork. And ribs at Woodyard Bar-B-Q.
EK: You’ve recently posted a list of badass burgers in KC (which, btw, I drooled the entire time I read it.) When it comes to people, what makes someone badass?
SC: For me, it’s someone who goes after what they want with confidence and kindness.  


BOOM! Couldn’t have said it any better ourselves! Shoutout to Shanley for this interview and get her details below!

Twitter: @EatItKC

Facebook: Eat it Kansas City

Instagram: Eat it Kansas City
Emily will be back with another Badass Babe in a couple weeks! Until then, give her a shoutout on Twitter: @EmKristen or @SPROTSTAKES

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