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Emily Avi HeaderSarah Coats is not your average… Anything. I first followed Sarah on Twitter because of her fire takes on my beloved Kansas Jayhawks during basketball season. Whenever I missed a game, I could always count on scrolling through Sarah’s timeline to catch up on everything I missed.

When she’s not live tweeting basketball games, she’s raising a son, working as a social worker, rapping along with her favorite songs, and sporting some seriously cute superhero inspired outfits.

The main thing that strikes me about Sarah is how passionate she is about pretty much everything. From basketball to stances on remixes (trust her, it matters,) this girl doesn’t half-ass anything.



EK: You had some of the hottest takes this basketball season. It’s no secret you’re a die-hard Jayhawk fan. How are you surviving life after basketball? Do you have a countdown to Late Night?
SC: I like to think I give a fresh take on sports announcing on Twitter. I will always love the innuendos announcers constantly give. I am a die-hard Jayhawk fan. I am really sad Ellis is leaving. Doctor Who season 9 is over, too. Life doesn’t mean as much as it does during ball season but luckily all of the super hero movies this summer to help cope. I don’t know the date of Late Night for this year but I will absolutely be there.

EK: You often tweet about your son, who you fondly call B$. What’s your favorite part about being a mom? Especially to a kiddo so involved in athletics? If his career takes off, would you become his mom-ager?
SC: My favorite part of being a mom is being able to be present as their personalities develop and they come into their own person. I love how silly B$ is. I love how tender hearted he is. My second favorite part of being a mom is teaching my son how to trash talk ISU. It’s a lesson he needs from home. I don’t want him learning it on the streets.

EK: You recently traveled to see Future in concert and I’ve loved all of the songs you’ve tweeted about. What’s on your perfect playlist?
SC: The Future concert in Denver was insane. It was hands down the best show I have ever attended. My perfect play list? I am submitting this list with no shame.

  1. I Won – Future
  2. Right Hand- Drake
  3. Stay Fly – Three 6 Mafia
  4. Down In The DMs (Remix) – Yo Gotti
  5. Flawless (Remix) – Beyonce
  6. For My Haters – Trap
  7. Aquaberry Dolphin – Riff Raff ft. Mac Miller
  8. Smile Back – Mac Miller
  9. i – Kendrick Lamar
  10. The Way We Get By – Spoon
  11. Best Thing I Never Had – Beyonce
  12. IDFWU – Big Sean
  13. Vivrant Thing – Q-Tip
  14. Bake Sale – Wiz Khalifa
  15. Where Ya At – Future
  16. Wolf – Future
  17. Honest – Future
  18. Jealous – Nick Jonas
  19. Play – David Banner
  20. Bodies Adjust – Thunderbirds Are Now

EK: What’s your secret to balancing a chaotic schedule? Between B$, your career as a social worker, Future concerts, and live-tweeting KU games, you certainly stay busy!
SC: Most mornings we have four kids that need to get to four different places before 7:45 am. I am really, really fortunate to have a supportive partner that helps me out.  Chad’s my best friend and he always tells me “I’m going to do whatever makes your life easier.” We have great communication and we have flexible schedules.  He is an amazing dad and he is quick to be there for B$. I have worked in child welfare for about six years. It’s never a dull day. I love what I do and I feel good when I do it. I don’t miss a single KU game. I watch or I listen to every game. As soon as the schedule comes out, I block out all time one our before a game and all time after a game. I let my clients and family know that is my personal time and unless you’re actually on fire or that type of an emergency, I’ll get back to you after the game. I’m a different person during basketball season.  I am not always proud of the person I become. I use a lot of colorful language.image5

EK: Being a social worker is a bit like being a social justice super hero. If you could switch lives with any of your favorite heroes, who would it be and why?
SC:It’s so funny you say that. I have talked about writing a graphic novel about a social worker by day that is tender hearted and kind. At night, she’s a ruthless vigilante and fills in where the system fails. I just need someone to volunteer to do the graphics. Also, I’m a social worker so I have no money. At all. Ever. My favorite super hero? Naturally, it’s Spider-Gwen. I do have a fondness for most female super heroes. I have quite the comic book and graphic novel collection. Spider-Gwen is my favorite because she’s a smart woman that’s passionate and quick. She’s a scientist which is rare for a female character, especially in something that is primarily written by and read by men. I would swing from webs and yell “later haters” as I went. I would go rock climbing without being a cry baby. It’s possible I bought a dress that looks like her costume so I can pretend I’m a super hero.

EK: I met you on Twitter, and you’ve been one of my favorite people to follow ever since. How has Twitter changed since you’ve joined? What are some of your favorite things about it? Least favorite?
SC: How has twitter changed? I don’t follow or interact with half of the people I used to and I’m really good with that. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. My TL is full of people that I genuinely like and enjoy talking to. My favorite thing is the gif search. It’s obviously fucking awesome and genius. I wish I could answer these questions with gifs, too. Another favorite thing is being able to meet people and make friends. I have all of my best friends on Twitter (with one exception because she’s just taking a break but I missI ha her on twitter. I love you if you’re reading this.) Least favorite? I have no patience for being a dick. I have no patience for sexual assault jokes. Rape isn’t funny. I have no tolerance for domestic violence jokes. Beating women isn’t funny. I have no tolerance for ganging up on someone and just being an asshole. There’s absolutely no reason to be a dick. It’s a waste of time and energy to go around and be pissed off all of the time. I am way too fucking lazy to be mad all of the time and I usually don’t give a shit, anyway.

EK: What’s your definition of a badass?
SC:A badass? I am going to think of the people I consider badasses and compile a list of those attributes.

I have a lot of respect for people that give a voice to those that may not other wise have them even if it puts them in a negative light to do so. I believe so firmly in social justice and carrying that torch. A badass is someone that can be honest and speak their mind but doesn’t go around looking for trouble. Someone that is quick to help out and be a friend. Someone that is down to be silly and have fun. Someone that let’s their personality show. I think of it as “letting your little light shine”.

Be sure to follow Sarah on Twitter @CoatsandJacket!

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