Badass Babes: Lorin Jetter

Emily Avi HeaderThis week, we’re going down south. Lorin Jetter is a Kansas girl living in Miami. I first met her when she was kicking ass on staff at the University Daily Kansan. She’s since launched her own web design company, Jetter Creative. She’s now kicking ass while helping companies build their websites and their brands.
But Lorin is not alone this week. Her French bulldog pup, Thug, is badass in his own right. Seriously, he went as Mr. T for Halloween a few years ago. Doesn’t get more badass than that.
 Between Lorin and Thug, they’re taking the internet by storm.
Follow Lorin on Twitter @lorinjetter and follow Thug on Instagram @thug_the_frenchie
EK: Miami is currently home from you, but you hail from the Midwest. What brought you to Miami? What do you miss most about Kansas?
LJ: During my time at KU I worked for the University Daily Kansan, which led me to a conference in Miami, which led me to landing a job for after graduation, which, finally, led to me falling head over heels in love with the 305. While I’m no longer at said job, I’ll probably never leave this city. Bye snow!
As for the Midwest, I miss customer service and manners in general. Recently I had this fun experience: instead of saying “excuse me,” a woman in the grocery store used her cart to physically push me out of the way. So sweet and polite.IMG_8336
EK: Tell us about Jetter Creative. What inspired you to go out on your own? What’s your dream project?
LJ: FREEDOM. But in all seriousness, I decided to venture out on my own so I could have the luxury of hand-picking my clients and projects. Also, I wanted to be my own boss because I hate using alarm clocks – I’ll sell my soul before I sacrifice my sleep.
My dream project? Probably something to do with fashion. If I had the opportunity to help design an apparel or accessories brand image from the ground up I would dive in head first.
EK: The tech sector is such a male dominated industry. What sort of challenges do you face being a female web designer?
LJ: This question is too real. Male developers almost always assume I won’t know what I’m doing, which honestly makes it pretty easy to shatter their expectations. It’s a little irritating and degrading at first, until of course I can send over a finished product that’s better than they could ever produce themselves. *hair flip*
EK: You’re the first Babe to have a pal featured with her. Thug has his own presence on social media. How did Thug the Frenchie come about?
LJ: Thug is my baby! Which in a roundabout way is why he got his own Instagram to begin with – I was catching too much crap for him dominating my personal profile so I decided to separate us. His social clout really took off after a retailer reposted a picture of him in one of their hoodies, and he’s been getting some solid affiliate work ever since!
IMG_0457EK: You and Thug both have quite an impressive wardrobe. What are your fashion staples? Favorite trend?
LJ: I love a neutral color palette! My go-to pieces for meetings are usually either skinny black jeans with a button-up from Express (so flattering!) or a wrap dress. Usually though, I work from home so you can find me in workout attire, despite the fact that my “workout” is just playing with Thug. As for trends right now, I’m obsessed with lace-up anything: bodysuits, shoes, dresses, you name it.

EK: My favorite outfit of Thug’s has got to be the KU jersey. Are there many fellow Jayhawks in Miami?
LJ: I wish there were more! There’s a healthy little alumni group that gets together mostly just during March Madness, but I’ve definitely had to explain to a few neighbors why I’m at home shouting at the tv when the Heat aren’t playing.
EK: What makes someone a badass?
LJ: Hands down, their determination. I truly believe that no matter the circumstances, there’s always a way to achieve your goals if you work hard and want it badly enough.

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