Mindiana Jones Investigates: Hockey in Kansas City

While in Vancouver over Spring Break, I had the opportunity to go to a Vancouver Canucks/Dallas Stars game. Hockey? In Canada? I was pumped. As the game progressed, I was underwhelmed by the atmosphere and my thoughts wandered to the idea of the National Hockey League coming back to Kansas City. The Kansas City Scouts […]

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Mindiana Jones Investigates: 8 Royals Items to Buy Before Opening Day

Though it’s March, the weather in Kansas City has tricked my mind into thinking I’ll hear Denny Matthew’s voice calling the Royals when I turn on the radio. While we’re not quite to Opening Day yet, let’s celebrate the start of Spring Training by checking out some Royals items we HAVE to get before the 2017 season […]

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Mindiana Jones Investigates: Missed Connections

          It’s been a rough couple of weeks, KC. We all could use some laughs, therefore, I’ve decided to revive Mindiana Jones Investigates: KC Missed Connections! Missed Connections is a sad, sad section of Craigslist where users can leave messages about someone they creeped on in the hopes that their special […]

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sports Again

Collectively, it seems the people of Earth (or at least Twitter) have come to an agreement that 2016 wasn’t our favorite year ever. It’s been a draining year for many people, for a multitude of reasons. Coming out of 2015 and off that World Series high, I was excited to see what was to come […]

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