Baseball’s Other Trout: ASG Break Shenanigans

It’s the ASG break, so what have the Royals been up to with their 4 days off? Let’s see, shall we?

We shall.

Mike Moustakas…is as boring, yet supportive of his team online as he is in interviews. Do we care about Stouffer’s yet? No? K.

image1 (7)


Paulo Orlando, swimming with the mini.

image4 (2)

Brett Eibner, surprisingly inactive during this break, got some swag.

image5 (2)

Speaking of swag, Kelvin Herrera got some Nike swag (Nike Trout’s to be exact, ha) for the All-Star Game.

image2 (2)

image3 (2)

Also chilled with some up and coming baseball stars.

image4 (1)

Fellow pitcher, Edinson Volquez is getting some quality Miami beach family time.

image3 (5)

Way to keep it low key…

image2 (5)

image1 (6)

Alcides Escobar is also with the fam in gorgeous Miami.

image2 (3)

Totally casual, non-flexing/sucking it in pose. Nailed it.

image1 (4)

image3 (3)

Whit Merrifield, Yordano Ventura, and Cheslor Cuthbert decided to save some dough and play at home.

image4 (4)

image4 (5)

So…Yo has no friends.


image5 (3)

Ned Yost donned a monkey suit and looked as out of place as you’d expect.

image3 (6)

He did have a reason, though, as he was in San Diego watching two of his boys send balls over the fences during the ASG.

image2 (4)

Hey, Salvador Perez...those aren’t Royals.

image1 (5)

Eric Hosmer, out here stunnin’.

image3 (4)

Oh, hey Juan Pablo. Call me.

image4 (3)

image5 (1)


image2 (6)

Lastly, the Royals have announced that the boys head to Washington, D.C. on July 21st!

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