The Art of Destruction: The Bruce Weber Story

I’m an upset K-State basketball fan. Over the past couple of years, the purple nation has watched the slow and painful dumpster fire destruction of our beloved men’s basketball team at the hands of Coach Weber. Now, many may speculate that over the years there has been a lack of talent or an incredibly tough conference to play in, but I would like to throw in the idea that Bruce Weber is just a terrible coach.

There is proof behind that idea as he has done this before at Illinois.  Before I get into that, I would like to recognize a couple things about Bruce Weber. The 2012-2013 season was an amazing season, ending with a conference championship title. At his tenure at Illinois he took a team to the Final Four. He has some impressive seasons but they happened at the recruiting skills of the coaches prior to him. He made it to the Final Four on the back of a team Bill Self recruited the large majority of, and a Big 12 conference championship under the recruits of Frank Martin. With any teams he has fully being in charge of recruiting, statistically they are significantly less successful.

During his tenure at Illinois, his first two seasons his winning percentage was .788 and .949 (the year he went to the Final Four). His final couple seasons were barely above .500. His first two seasons at K-State resulted in a conference championship and the last time the team went to the NCAA tournament. Over the past couple of seasons, the regular season winning percentage has been barely over .500. Watch the interview given by former University of Illinois Athletic Director Mike Thomas.  He states how the first couple of seasons were great but have basically just fallen off on winning percentage. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Bruce has refused to go to the NIT or any other postseason tournaments over the past couple of season. Why wouldn’t you let your players at least be recognized for their hard work over the season and play post season games? Players aren’t there to just finish the regular season and go about their business. Being able to play the game and having every opportunity to play should be a top priority of the coaching staff.

Even when Frank Martin had teams that didn’t make it to the NCAA tournament, they played their hearts out at the NIT. That tournament, although not the ultimately desired tournament is still a chance for reward and potential recognition of the team’s skill. It also allows for a team to build leadership and a bond with the coaching staff. We all have seen recently that the K-State players are not giving interviews, and we can’t forget the large wave of players leaving the team two years ago due to issues personal issues and issues with the coaching staff. He can’t create a culture within his own program. That’s a problem.

Let’s be realistic with what is going to happen the rest of the season.

K-State Basketball is most likely not going to make the NCAA tournament. We will have some interview with the man who sounds like Donald Duck with his voice box burnt heavily talking about some moral victory again. There will probably be another season where he rejects a postseason bid to the NIT, the College Basketball tournament or the Vegas 16. The destruction will continue, unless John Currie releases him from his coaching duties. We need a new breath of energy in our basketball program. It’s time for the duck to leave.


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