Afternoons getting you down?

Good news, everyone! In case you have missed our lovely voices harassing you in the mornings with our fun filled stories, our “hot takes” and of course the Sprots Takes events coming up… WE ARE COMING BACK!

Just in time for this idiot’s sexist rant, we are here to show through example that sports talk radio is a fine place for women to thrive. ICYMI, this is what led us to announce our show today of all days…

Don’t worry, he’s still going with the hard hitting FACTS over here…

So why are we announcing today? Like the great Popcopy manager said…

Our voices in sports media, especially the Kansas City area that we love so much, need to be heard. The lighter side of sports with analysis, insight and a female’s perspective with interviews and guests will be the basis of our show. Tune in each day (if we aren’t out at The K having fun) to hear sports radio as it should be- unfiltered, unedited and inspired by the sports buzz around Kansas City & nationally as well.

Megan & GAT have an extremely fun chemistry and will brighten your afternoons with their humor and insight. What are you waiting for? Download OUR MOBILE APP TODAY! THAT IS RIGHT, WE HAVE AN APP THAT ALLOWS YOU TO JUST LISTEN DIRECTLY TO US INSTEAD OF DOWNLOAD ANOTHER APP TO LISTEN TO US HOW NEAT IS THAT?! Did I mention we like caps lock?


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