A Nebraska Fan’s Guide to “Rebuilding.”

How to Survive Nebraska’s “Rebuilding” Season


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Does anyone else get mad about the amount of time people spend trying to say that their team sucks because of the “rebuild” process? Okay, great, me too. If not, you probably have a team that hasn’t gone through “rebuilding” and I hate you. Combining a season with a new coach, loss of key players on both sides of the ball, lack of play-makers (in general), and some bad luck = HELL for most Nebraska fans. Since you all remember the glory that came with winning championships and having rings and shit, you just have to remember that you can’t win them all… Yeah, right. Instead, here is our guide for surviving the harsh Nebraska football season:

Vodka. Preferably 360 Vodka.


















Nebraska Licensed Zubaz Pants

This way, you can be fashionable and comfortable in your sadness and it will come in handy when you need to stress eat…

Lots Of Pizza







(Really, all the carbs)

A Sad Playlist

Like this one, Spotify Sadness

Patience, Trust the Process.

At the end of the day, while Nebraska rebuilding is completely and totally a cluster to deal with, know that you are tried and true as a Husker fan and you will prevail. We don’t know how, we don’t know when, we don’t know who will make it happen…but it will get better. Until then, follow all the steps above and hope for a better week next Saturday!


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