SUH DAY – 93 Days Until Nebraska’s Opening Day


Continuing our countdown to September 3rd has brought us to 93 days out. Former Husker, Ndamukong Suh, proudly wore #93 during his college career at Nebraska. The polarity between the love felt for him among Nebraska fans and the hate felt for him among NFL fans is wild. Is Suh really one of the most hated players in the NFL? You’ve seen the opinion pieces floating about – dirty player, most hated, bad reputation, crotch stomper. One can only picture Suh’s response…



Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Suh joined the Husker football program in 2006 and repped our University hard through his senior year in 2009.


Per’s stats, Suh played in all 14 games as a Freshman (he was a backup). Suh moved up the ranks as a Sophomore and earned 11 out of 12 starts. I specifically remember the 2007 game against Wake Forest – I nearly lost my shit during that game (I carried my huge flat screen up a flight of stairs after believing my roommates were being totally pro-ACC and no longer deserved to watch the game on my TV that graced our shared living room). Suh’s Junior year was the 2008 season, another year that is close to my heart. I was able to attend the annual Day After Thanksgiving showdown against Colorado with my mother – her first Nebraska game. Suh’s critical interception for a touchdown against the Buffs helped my mom see her first Husker win in person. As a Senior, Suh received an outrageous number of awards and honors. The list is long: AP College Player of the Year Award, Heisman candidate finalist, Outland AND Lombardi, Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year by all major outlets and All-American. Suh is one of the high points of some interesting years in Nebraska football. And perhaps Suh is one of the final highlights to Nebraska’s tenure in the Big 12 as the Huskers joined the Big 10 in 2011.  One could still associate Nebraska football with badass defensive prowess during Suh’s years and be 100% sure of it.

Here are some Suh highlights in case anyone forgot how awesome he was and is:

Suh has gone on to have a successful, if not dramatic, career in the NFL. His time with the Detroit Lions and now the Miami Dolphins has been marred with allegations of being a dirty player. Or has it? Maybe he didn’t mean to stomp on anyone’s leg. Maybe he is just a firey guy.


Feel free to Google “Ndamukong Suh” and read up on him. The guy has an active life inside and out of football. Whether he’s donating nearly $3 million to his alma mater, brushing up on his business skills during chats with Warren Buffett, Magic Johnson and Roger Staubach, Snapchatting @NS9093, Twittering @NdamukongSuh, meeting POTUS or dropping knowledge, Suh is more than what the media would have you believe.

Suh & Buffett arm wrestling
Suh & Buffett arm wrestling
POTUS is lucky enough to have met Suh


Suh thoughts

I leave you with a recent article about Suh’s upcoming practice time with the Miami Dolphins. Always looking for controversy, the article says Suh “shows up” for practice implying he spends time on the couch instead of training for the upcoming 2016-2017 season. Give it a read to learn how and where Suh trains during the offseason and let’s give him a HUGE “GBR!” in support of having a kickass season this year.


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