#79 Rich Glover For Your Reading Pleasure


It’s Thursday. Thirsty Thursday. Almost Friday. A day to revel in the nearness of the weekend and also Nebraska Football featuring Rich Glover. The day after Hump Day. The day for my favorite meme:

I actually love what I do. But this still makes me laugh every time.

Most importantly, today is 79 days out from kickoff Saturday. That brings us to #79 Rich Glover in the Wiemers Nebraska Countdown. Let’s take a brief look at the highlights of Glover’s Nebraska career.

Is this really a college-aged person or a 40 year old man??
College-aged person or a 40 year old man??

Hi, Rich Glover! What a great picture. I still cannot believe this guy is supposed to be in college in this photo – he looks like a grown ass man. Fittingly, Glover was a beast on the field. He lived up to the grit portrayed in this pic as you will learn below.

Glover played middle guard for the Huskers during the 1970 – 1972 seasons. His time was played under coach Bob Devaney who won back to back titles in 1970 and 1971. Glover was a vital part of the Huskers success during his time with the team – especially his Junior and Senior years. Statistics don’t lie – Glover produced excellent numbers in his latter years and helped propel the Huskers to greatness.

Huskers.com stats
Huskers.com stats

Glover was the recipient of the Outland Trophy & Lombardi Award for his 1972 season performance. Not a bad ending to his collegiate career. Especially since he started it on some pretty high notes – back to back National Championships. Glover is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and Nebraska retired his #. Did I mention he was also a Heisman candidate?


Glover was drafted by the Giants in 1993. He had a rather short professional career and then went on to do some coaching at the high school and college level. At 66 years old today, Wikipedia still lists him as an assistant high school coach.

Wikipedia Stats

Rich Glover was the type of player long-time Husker fans drool over. A badass on the field and a pleasant reminder of the “glory” years. Glover is a player I wish I had been around to watch – someone to look back on and say “I remember the game Glover did this” or “I remember the back to back National Championships when we had Glover.” A beloved figure in Nebraska football’s past and well deserved!





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