52 Days Until Husker Kickoff!


Can you believe there are only SEVEN shitty Mondays to get through until opening kickoff?? Time flies. Seven Mondays, 52 days and counting…which puts the spotlight on a current player, #52, Josh Banderas.

Wiemers on couch narrating would be screaming "GET HIM!"
Wiemers on couch narrating would be screaming “GET HIM!”

Banderas has been around the block and is about to start his senior season. Since his Freshman year in 2013, Josh has racked up some not-too-shabby stats as a linebacker:

Via Huskers.com

He also got into some trouble in 2014…


Tsk tsk tsk
Tsk tsk tsk

Everyone that has gone to college has either experienced first-hand their bike being stolen or knows someone who either A) stole bikes, or B) had their bike stolen. My bike was stolen. And I knew bicycle thieves. At least Banderas and his partner in crime (a member of the Nebraska track team) targeted the high value ones…I mean, if you’re going to all that risk…

Unfortunately (or fortunately so that he could learn from his mistake), Banderas was apprehended and arrested – see above mug shot. I chalk it up to irresponsible and stupid 19-year-old behavior. There is something humanizing about the Banderas story that hopefully resonates with college sports fans in general – kids are stupid! I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t an angel when I was 18-21. The best part for Josh is that he was given a second chance to redeem himself and appears to have done just that.

To follow-up on those not-too-shabby stats, Banderas has greatly improved on and off the field since his 2014 snafu:




The 2016 season is primed to offer Banderas the opportunity to get even better on the field. Last year, Banderas had a groin injury that kept him off the field the first few games. If Josh could still produce decent and team leading stats when not at 100%, one can only hope he becomes a legit leader and performer when injury-free. A second generation Husker AND Lincoln native, Banderas has every chance to prove himself this 2016 season. Husker fans nerd out over homegrown, multi generation players. Did I mention he’s 6’3″, 240? He’s a beast. The Nebraska defense NEEDS BEASTS.



I don’t know about y’all, but these next 52 days can’t go by fast enough. A month and a half, a handful of weeks…GBR!

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