Like the common question. Which do you want first, the positive or the negative?

In this case, the negative is obvious. But somehow I think this game may have more positives.

The negatives:

  • No way is K-State playing in the playoffs, so there is no way we could make it to the National Championship game.
  • We need more than one player to step up every week if we want to win the remainder of our games.

This game brought back to many memories of two years ago. Even though K-State beat TCU that year and made them number one in the nation for a week it was still a hard fought battle with a good team. In my opinion we got lucky that year. After that game K-State was so beat up they couldn’t even compete the next week and shot themselves in the foot.


I know what you may be thinking. How can this girl bring positives out of this? Or how can she be so positive already?

I’ve gone through so much heartache with my Cats that I feel like it is a waste of my time if I dwell on something that is completely out of my control. Trust me, I fractured my foot because of a loss once. So positivity used to be hard for me too.

Some of the positives were:

  • Jake Waters threw a 70 yard TD pass to Tyler Lockett and helped him take the all-time receiving record from his dad Tyler. The best part about it was that Tyler and Aaron Lockett (his uncle) were in the crowd to witness it, even though the commentator had no idea who Aaron was.
  • We are headed to yet another Bowl game. This was determined a few weeks ago, but it is still a positive. I look forward to seeing how we finish out the season and find out what bowl game we go to.
  • Bill Snyder. Nuff’ said
  • But really if you think about it we probably wouldn’t even be competing for the College Football Playoffs if it wasn’t for him. He has sustained success for the second time at Kansas State and we are lucky to have him. If it wasn’t for him K-State still might be losing to everyone but Texas. So I think Snyder’s coaching is a huge positive for not only this game but for this season.