Court’s Side: KU vs KState Preview

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Courtney Header AviGrowing up a Wildcat, I was raised hating KU. I swore up and down I would never date a Jayhawk. Obviously that changed for a few years, but everyone learns from their mistakes.

I learned a lot of interesting things about KU fans in those two regrettable years. One of them being that KU fans don’t care about K-State-until the two teams play, of course. While most Kansas State fans will cheer for the Cats and against KU daily. I have been told that this is because K-State fans are jealous and have developed a little brother complex. I will be the first to admit that, yes, our basketball rivalry is very one-sided, but the Wildcats have put up a fight in the Sunflower Showdown, lately. Out of the last ten years, Kansas State has won five times, four of those wins being in Manhattan. Maybe it’s not all that impressive, but at least it hasn’t been twenty plus years.

This year has been a rough one for the Wildcats. They started off their non-con schedule surprisingly when they beat Georgia and kept it close with A&M and North Carolina. Unfortunately, when conference play started, they began to struggle. Their first game was a tough OT loss against West Virginia. Then the Cats lost to Texas and Oklahoma and their first conference win didn’t come until their fourth game, versus Texas Tech. The Wildcats then lost to Iowa State and had another tough OT loss to Baylor. The Wildcats second conference win came against Oklahoma State in late January. Hopefully, the second half of the Big 12 season will turn out better for K-State.

The Jayhawks haven’t had the season that most expected them to have (well their fans, at least). The Jayhawks had a loss early in the season to Michigan State, but had really good wins during the rest of the non conference schedule. KU got off to a solid start in Big 12 play and blew out Baylor 102-74, then had a hard triple overtime battle against Oklahoma and a double digit win against the Red Raiders. The Jayhawks then traveled to Morgantown and lost by eleven. This game started the Jayhawks road game losing streak-which they are still on (ha ha). The next two road games came as losses to Oklahoma State and Iowa State, both games were also in double figures. The game tonight should be a hard fought battle, so we will see how the Cats will react.

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