by @meganmtrout megan

In basketball, “pick” is a fun word for a screen. “Screen” is a fun word for blocking a defender’s vision of the court. Example: Serge Ibaka stands in front of an opponent and waves his arms in the air like he just don’t care.

Roll” is a fun word for pivot. Specifically, to pivot around the defender to go from being the little spoon in front to being the big spoon behind him.

Together, a pick and roll is where the ballhandler (not that whore, Cami, but the person holding the basketball) moves across the floor towards his/her teammate. The teammate steps in front of the defender, creating a pick/screen, thus obscuring the defender’s view of the ballhandler. Now it’s the defender’s turn to make a move. He must choose whether to guard the guy with the ball or to continue guarding the giant standing in front of him. If the defender decides to go for ball guy, the teammate in charge of the screen can “roll” behind the defender and be wide open for a pass from the ballhandler. If the defender decides to stay with his guy, the ballhandler has an open lane to shoot from.

When you catch the next Thunder game (hint: it’s on Wednesday), be sure to watch when Russell Westbrook and Enes Kanter are on the floor. They love a good pick and roll.

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