2016 College World Series

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The College World Series is in town and two of Sprots Takes Omaha natives are here to fill you in on 2016! While the CWS, is not as great as the MLB , is still fun to watch and is one of Omaha’s biggest tourism draws. Downtown becomes the place to be. The Omaha skyline finally gets the national attention it deserves.

Native Omahans usually support the Cinderellas of the tournament, like UC Santa Barbara or Coastal Carolina who are both first timers to the battle for the championship. Merchandise stands pop up out of thin air to dot the downtown streets and local businesses do everything they can to cash in on some of that CWS fever. My personal favorite is eCreamery which makes custom flavors for each CWS contender. My freezer is still stocked with pints from TCU’s last two runs at the trophy, but you can check out this year’s flavors here.

The double-elimination tournament is a fun one to watch. Three Big 12 teams made it into the CWS series this year: Oklahoma State, TCU and Texas Tech. One SEC team (Florida) and one ACC team (Miami) found their way to Omaha. Arizona made it this year — no, I didn’t mean Arizona State, though they’ve made several CWS appearances in recent years. Plus the two Cinderellas, Coastal Carolina and UC Santa Barbara. Omaha favorites and perennial CWS contenders, LSU, lost in a crushing walk-off to give Coastal Carolina their first bid at the trophy.

Monday afternoon’s elimination game will either send a CWS favorite or first-timer home as Miami and UC Santa Barbara will play at 2 p.m on ESPNU. My guess is that Miami avoids elimination, but I’ll be hoping the Gauchos can find a way to win. Oklahoma State and Arizona go head-to-head in the winner’s bracket at 7 p.m. on ESPN Monday. From what I’ve read, the Pokes’ pitching rotation has been lights out all year. They’re my pick for the Monday night game.

As for a final prediction?

Heather: It would be fun to watch a Big 12 showdown in the final: Oklahoma State vs TCU. But, it’d also be fun to see a Cinderella make it to the final: Oklahoma State vs Coastal Carolina? (Sorry, I couldn’t decide.)

Megan: I don’t care vs TCU and TCU wins it all. No bias here whatsoever. Schloss is a boss. Go Frogs.

For the rest of the tournament info (including a bracket & game times) click here.

PS If you’ve made it this far and are still silently ranting that the CWS is no longer at the ‘Blatt why did these broads make it the title picture? We know. We just miss it, that’s all.