Mindiana Jones: 16 Questions I Have After Moving to KC


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As a resident of the Kansas City metro for about nine months now, I’ve grown to love and appreciate Kansas City even more than I already did. I love always having something to do, a sports event to attend, something to take photos of, and all the barbeque I can eat. That being said, there are some quirks about the city that I just love to poke fun at. I often find myself asking these questions. Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you’ve had the same ones…



  1. What city am I in again? 
  2. I’m in Olathe? I was just in Overland Park?
  3. Why does I-35 have so much construction?
  4. Is there always this much construction?
  5. Will this construction EVER FUCKING END?
  6. Why can’t people from Johnson County drive?
  7. Why can’t people from Missouri drive?
  8. Why can’t any of you drive? (jk, love you all)
  9. What do you mean I can’t shoot off fireworks in JoCo?
  10. But I can drink in the passenger seat in Missouri? Score!
  11. What would happen if I jumped into any of the fountains?
  12. Is there crack in Oklahoma Joe’s fries?
  13. Wait, I’m in Overland Park? I WAS JUST IN OLATHE
  14. Why do we fight about which side of state line we live on? It’s all better than Topeka!
  15. Will I ever get Google Fiber?
  16. Why don’t more people know how awesome this damn city is?


Seriously, Kansas City has been amazing and so welcoming to me. I think I speak for all of sprots when we thank you all for the support you have shown for us as Sprots has grown. This city is definitely an underrated gem and I look forward to meeting more of you and exploring more places as the year continues. Go Royals.
P.S. Go check out GAT’s KCAF tattoo on Twitter!

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