10 Things Scarier Then KU’s Football Program

John Currie


Nothing can be scarier or more toxic to an athletic program than the man himself, John Currie


And while we are on the topic of KSU…



This man had a Stare that could scare anyone….. miss you Frank :’)



Getting caught digging for some gold on tv..


Hi Bill!!


The 2017 Trade between the Cubs and the Royals for Solar and Davis



Was it worth it Dayton?


Baylor, everything about Baylor is scary….



If you are a fan of Baylor, if you went to Baylor, if you work for Baylor, I’m sorry…. Wait no I am actually not, please pick a better school.



A terrible hangover you just cannot shake


Like a KU football game, hangovers feel like death and last forever, thankfully Recovery Hydration Therapy, INC can help you conquer your hangover!


Josh Jacksons attitude

Same old 12 year old behavior from Josh Jackson.


Big 12 Refs *sigh*



The big 12 Basketball refs will be in your nightmare’s sooner than you think… unless you are Bill Self.



The fact that KU HAD a good coach…. And parted ways with him


KU good job, You were a legit team in 2008, too bad it’s almost 10 years later



Every other team’s chance at winning the Big 12 this year in basketball.


Okay okay, we get it, “wait til basketball season”. Ya’ll are good, but will KU win it AGAIN?