10 Reasons Why WWE is the Perfect Sprot

  1. Men and women can enjoy it equally.
    1. Fighting
    2. Soap Opera storylines that would give Eileen Davidson a run for her money
    3. Girls in tiny outfits, most with implants
    4. Guys in tiny outfits, most with tattoos
    5. Sparkles
    6. Blood
  2. You have to be a hateful person not to enjoy yourself at any event where there is synchronized yelling.
    1. Especially when you get to scream words like “Woo” and “bullshit”
    2. Loudest Stadium in the world? Meet the Yes! chant. (This video still makes me cry)

3. Sometimes you get to sing chant, which is just like #2, but full of glitter and joy.

  1. John Cena suuuuucks, John Cena suuuuuucks.

4. Hockey has intense intros to every game, but WWE has badass intros for Every. Single. Superstar.

  1. Fandangoing? What beats watching grown men wiggle their beer bellies while rhythmically pointing in the air because a man in pink disco pants started doing it on stage?
  2. One word: Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesooooooooome

5. Tradition

  1. Whether it’s throwing up a hand signal or pounding beers, each WWE star has a shtick the fans look forward to every show.
  2. Soccer is full of polarizing rituals and traditions, but can it top the Wyatt family?

6. Finishing Moves, it’s like getting to watch a walk-off homerun 3 or 4 times a night.

  1. The F5, the Pedigree, Rack Attack, Sweet Chin Music, Tombstone Piledriver…the list is endless.
  2. RKO outta nowhere!

7. The bad guys are celebrated.

  1. “Heels”, as they are known, are some of the most popular WWE stars.
  2. NFL’s bad boy Ndamukong Suh is considered dirty, while Ric Flair is locking WWE golden boys in figure fours.
  3. MLB’s “heel” Brett Lawrie is a jerk and hated, while Dean Ambrose gets to throw guys on tacks.

8. Nothing is quite as intense as watching the seconds wind down before a buzzer beating three to win a game except the Royal Rumble which total trumps any countdown in any sport ever created.

9. Almost equally as exciting as a buzzer beater is a field goal to send your team to OT. WWE gives you that thrill every dang night when your favorite Superstar is about to pin for the win and you suddenly hear his arch nemesis’ entrance music blaring around the arena.

1. Shit is going down.

10.  If the other 9 reasons I’ve given you that the WWE is the greatest sport ever aren’t enough, here is my trump card: It’s year round. Never ending entertainment.

  1. Not to mention the fact that the WWE has 2 (maybe 3, if you count the Royal Rumble like I do) Super Bowl caliber events every year.

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